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How to look after your Glasses

Eyewear isn’t a throwaway purchase. If you don’t look after your glasses you will end up damaging the lenses and requiring a glasses reglaze or possibly needing to buy a brand new pair. If you often drop your glasses or accidentally sit on them you’re likely to develop scratches or haziness on the surface of the glass; impairing your vision and straining your eyes which will make them worse over time.
When you have your eyes tested you are examined and fitted with the best glasses for you. These glasses are made and fit to improve your vision and protect your eyesight from worsening. But what is there to protect the glasses themselves?

If you are unsure about how to care for your spectacles, here’s our list of do’s and don’ts to help extend the lifetime of your glasses.


  • Place a strap on your glasses if you’re prone to dropping them. Don’t worray about making a fashion faux-pas – fashion means nothing if you end up with no glasses at all! This strap will also stop you from misplacing your glasses.
  • Keep your glasses in a hard case. A proper case will protect your glasses from knocks if they’re stowed away in a handbag or car glove compartment when not in use.
  • When buying glasses, add a scratch resistant coating to extend the life of the lens. It may seem like a non-essential optional extra, but it’s a must if you have a history of mistreating your glasses.
  • Check and tighten any screws on your glasses before cleaning.
  • Clean your glasses regularly. Use a good quality linen or cotton or a specially designed micro-fibre cloth for best results. A simple long breath should be apt but if your glasses are particularly dirty try using a cleansing spray. Rub in a circular motion to assure the whole lens is cleaned.
  • Clean nose pads. People tend to clean the lenses and forget the nose pads so make sure to thoroughly clean this area with a cotton bud wetted with cleansing solution. For female wearers this area will appear dirtier as this is where makeup often builds up.
  • Ask your opticians about a glasses reglaze. You may like your current frames but you need new lenses with a new prescription or maybe you’ve badly scratched your glasses. A glasses reglaze means you can keep the frames that suite you while saving both time and money.Take your glasses off using two hands rather than one. This will keep your glasses in alignment and the earpieces straight. If you take them off with one hand this can stretch your glasses out and eventually loosen them.
  • Buy an eyeglass repair kit just in case!


  • Never place spectacles face down on surfaces!
  • Touch the lenses with your fingers. This will make smudges and blur your vision.
  • Use polish on the lenses.
  • Use tissues or a paper towel to clean your glasses as these will leave unwanted fibres.
  • Sleep in your glasses. Putting any weight on them regularly can bend and deform the frame.
  • Leave your glasses on a car dashboard or on a window sill. The direct sunlight and intense heat may distort the frame and damage any lens coatings.
  • Clean with boiled water, alcohol or washing up liquid.
  • Prop your glasses on the top of your head. This can affect their shape and can cause them to slip off your head.
  • Push your glasses up your nose using one finger if you have wired frames. This can put stress on the nose pads and wear the finish.

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